Thursday, 5 March 2015

Turnarounds Galore

So been pretty busy, been working on the turn around's for my characters they're still rough at the moment but I'm happy that they are done and can start to do the action poses and expressions, I still have one more turnaround to do for my other officer this is only because I'm still deciding on which body design to go for. The character reminds me a little of a character from the film Hot Fuzz in terms of the facial design so I might have a look into that and see if it will help with the final design. I have to say though right now Wild Rose is my favorite character with her body design and the attitude that she has. This weekend I will be working on getting the poses down but also writing up character descriptions, the world, a premise and also an episode so that my idea is down on paper ready for a sweat-box session that I have coming up so that I can explain what my project is and then move on to doing a storyboard for the episode but just a teaser to introduce the characters. 

Wild Rose




Flat Nose

Officer Pink

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