Monday, 23 March 2015

Pushing Myself

Want to push myself this week with my work and get quite a bit done, so soon I will be uploading the final turnarounds, a line up and then the action poses and expressions for my characters. So stay tuned my lovelies until next time :) 

More Work

So thought I would post a little more of what I've been doing lately, so here are some turnarounds I've done and colour tests, might be change might not see how it goes and whether my tutor okays them. Enjoy :) 

E Colour Test

E Turnaround

Peep Turnaround

Ton Turnaround 1

Ton Turnaround 2

Friday, 20 March 2015

Sneak Peak

So been doing some line work and colour tests for my characters and thought I'd share a little peak of what  I have to say is my favourite character. 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Character Outline

Also a little add on that I did is this small quick character outline have a little read and enjoy :)

Sweatbox Session

So had a sweatbox session today showing my idea to the class, surprisingly it went well, good feedback and people seemed to like my idea and characters which is always good. Developed my idea and evolved some characters over the weekend whilst doing a really rough animatic. There's been a name change and career swap, but I'm happy with how its developing now, getting more of a sense of the characters also completed the last turnaround for the character Ton which I will upload soon when I get a chance to scan him in. But for now here are my rough storyboards that I completed as and introduction to the characters.  Also did a little research about the brothel that Butch Cassidy and Sundance used to hang out at and it was run by a madame named Fannie, so as a way to include that I named the strip club after her and also included a name that the gang was also known by and thus was born Fannie's Hole in the Wall club enjoy :)


Thursday, 12 March 2015


So a little while ago I mention that I was making a website well it's finally alive and kicking so please check it out and enjoy :)

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Turnarounds Galore

So been pretty busy, been working on the turn around's for my characters they're still rough at the moment but I'm happy that they are done and can start to do the action poses and expressions, I still have one more turnaround to do for my other officer this is only because I'm still deciding on which body design to go for. The character reminds me a little of a character from the film Hot Fuzz in terms of the facial design so I might have a look into that and see if it will help with the final design. I have to say though right now Wild Rose is my favorite character with her body design and the attitude that she has. This weekend I will be working on getting the poses down but also writing up character descriptions, the world, a premise and also an episode so that my idea is down on paper ready for a sweat-box session that I have coming up so that I can explain what my project is and then move on to doing a storyboard for the episode but just a teaser to introduce the characters. 

Wild Rose




Flat Nose

Officer Pink