Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Major Project Part Deux

Blogging quite a bit today thought you all needed some insight into what i'm currently working on. So here's some more drawings from my project so far, its coming along love drawing Rene.

Messing around

This was inspired by an image I saw on my Pinterest, a drawing of a tiger by John Macallan Swan, that I had to have a go at doing, thought I'd mess around a little with my art rage app and this is the result 

Major Project Part Deux

On to my final major project now, really enjoying it. Re-designing a live action tv show. I've gone for a favourite of mine a classsic really, Allo Allo! these are the beginnings of my project just a little teaser, will keep updating you as I go along so stay tuned :) 

Octopus 2

This is another little 3D octopus, his tentacles have a mind of their own but I like him :)

Octopus 1

This is a personal sketch practising drawing in 3D with pro-markers.