Friday, 10 April 2015

Ultimate Image Developement

Hope everyone had a great Easter and had a chocolate overload :) Its now time to get back to work, so I've taken a little break from my major project and have been doing some Business Studies research and development. Been updating my website and working on my Ultimate image. So after a tutorial with Gerald on my website moved a few little things about and some tweaks so be sure to check that out >  Robyn Concept Artist < And after discussing what my ultimate image could be I've decided to update and revamp a background I designed last year, I had it displayed on my homepage of my website and thought that it would be a great ultimate image as it tells a story.

This is the original background design, It was the first time I had used illustrator and was quite proud of it but looking at it now I know I could make it better. I needed to change the background trees and also add something extra to it to tell a story. 

This is what I came up with, redesigned the trees and added a looming creature's shadow, I wanted it to look as if it belonged in a children's book. I also then made the colour's a little more subdued as if this could be happening just before sunset.

I also did another version with smoke coming from the chimney of the house, at the moment I'm not sure which image to go with, but have asked my course mates for their opinions to see which one they prefer. 

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