Friday, 17 April 2015

Personal Project Idea

So a part of my major project is to also have a personal project, I've been stacked for ideas for a while but I knew I wanted to do a book of sorts. The other day I was taking a break from my major project and business work and went on my procreate app and decided to do some painting and started to do these birds as I love painting birds traditionally I thought why not have a go doing them digitally for a change and I have to say I really like some of the outcomes so I started to think why not creat a little book of bird illustrations as I had a little look on the blurb website and there's a option for a little book so this has started the ball rolling for me I want to create 20 paintings of different birds for my personal project, well 5 down 15 to go stay tuned as I'll post more as I go along until next time bye for now :) 

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