Monday, 20 April 2015

Major Project Update (warning it's a lot)

So I will admit I hit the proverbial wall with my project in that I had to redo my characters turnarounds and sort out their construction, what a nightmare but luckily now I have sorted it all out with some determination and a butt load of coffee. Also have done my rough expressions sheets and action poses, so all that's left to design are some props and my strip club the main environment for my show. So for the rest of this week I will be pushing to get all my model sheets done, all I can say is there will be some late nights ahead. Also I have my Business deadline this week, so in the coming days I will be posting a few companies that I have researched. Though my blog is in pretty good order and my website is up to scratch as well as my ultimate image. I have also in my very little spare time been working on my C.V that I will also post in the next day or two so keep and eye out for that lovely little bit. I swear it seems that all their is is work but when you love what you do you can't complain or can you ?! on a side note have been under the weather for the past couple of days but managed to continue work which is a big feat for me especially when all I wanted to do was watch movies and eat ice cream to cure my sore throat but oh well enough waffling on here are my final/rough designs of my characters, there are some changes to the designs as when thinking of a character in 3D terms my brain decided to not compute on it, so made things a little easier on my self with the design but still really happy with the look of them. so enjoy :) 
p.s sorry for the longness of this post :)

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