Friday, 20 February 2015


So I'm happy to say that after coming down with the flu I've managed to finish concepting all my characters for my Major Project, I have 7 in total which is a good number I think we will soon see if I'm still happy about that when I start to do construction, turn around's, action poses and expressions for them all. For this week I thought I would let you know who the characters are,
so we've got,

Flat Nose
Wild Rose
Officer Pink
Officer Erton

I will be uploading soon the rough designs for them so that you can have a gander. I've also been doing some collaboration this week for another student doing some character design which has been nice, I've done the line work in illustrator which I found quite nice to use with the smoothing of the line, but my tutor has suggested about using Flash for the ease of use so I might check that out in the coming week and let you know how it goes. But for know I'll leave you with this little self portrait I did the other day on my Ipad enjoy :)

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