Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Bath, Life Drawing and Project Work combined :)

So on the lead up to Christmas it's been hectic to say the least but here's an update for you all, I went to Bath and was able to take a lot of great photo's of the buildings there and get some great observational sketches to :) which all helps with the concept design work for the backgrounds in my short film as I want the buildings to have the old looking feel to them and to be slightly quirky in deisgn. I also went to a life drawings class during the week this time 2 hours instead of 3 which I have to say was great as we still got a lot of sketches and at the end did a great round of 30 second sketches.  And an added bonus was that I got the model to pose as if she bumped into someone in a series of poses which helps me in that with my story there is a scene that I was having trouble with in that my main character bumps into a stranger but I was finding it difficult in drawing the action poses but this definitely helps so I recommend life drawing to anyone.

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